Hanno graduated from Christian Albrechts University, Kiel (GER) with a Diploma in Agriculture Economics.

His 17 years of industry experience as Director Procurement (EMEA) he spent within Kraft Foods. During his Career he has led numerous international Procurement Teams and became responsible for various European and Global Categories such as Commodities, Dairy, Indirect Materials, Food Ingredients and Packaging.

Hanno has his core skills in strategic procurement and building effective procurement teams. He is passionate to develop procurement teams and bring the appropriate reputation to every procurement function that it deserves.

His credo is that procurement has to market their values better and should develop their methodical competencies in order to inspire the internal customer and build beneficial and intense supplier relations. He believes that there is hardly a better way to demonstrate methodical and structured approaches pay back to procurement, than with Simulation Games.

Since 2007 Hanno worked successfully as freelance consultant and as trainer for the BME Academy in Germany. Participants appreciate his deep procurement expertise and his friendly attitude. The key themes of his course are Strategic Procurement, Supplier Relation Management, KPI´s in Procurement, Procurement Basics or Procurement of Services.

Hanno Dettlof


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