Jasper graduated with a BSc (Hons.) in Physical Science with Computing but quickly switched from scientific computing to commercial programming. Working as a contract programmer and technical consultant he worked for a number of UK banks developing software as diverse as settlement risk systems to point of sale applications for selling home insurance.

In 1993 Jasper moved from contract programming to a pure freelance role supplying programming services to a number of consultancies and agencies. The projects worked on have been numerous but in general terms included marketing databases, business simulations, financial modelling, decision support tools, and benchmarking applications.

Clients include Nestlé, for which he has developed a number of business simulations for their international training centre in Rive Rein and with whom he has been working since 1992. Other clients include Nestlé Italy, Nestlé Germany, Sarah Lee Asia, Kraft Foods, Heineken, Carlsberg Tetley, British Nuclear Fuels, Glenmorangie, Reckitt Benckiser, BAT, Amex Travel, B&Q, Lloyds TSB, GKN.

Jasper's core skill is the ability to quickly understand a business system and then develop cost effective computer systems to meet the clients needs. His programming skills cover Microsoft Excel, Access, FoxPro, and Visual Basic.

Jasper Warwick
Technical Director

Telephone:+44 (0)7715 757605

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